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I've designed this logo for a small company that gives music, art, and sports lessons—aptly called MASA:music, arts, and sports academy.

I'm having some issues with the logo type below the actual stylized logotype. I've put MASA in stylized block forms, this having it's own rationale, but

1) I can't decide on a good enough face (i tried DIN) to set "music, arts, and sports academy" below the block forms. I want something that the company can also use as their brand typeface to use in their documents.


2) whether to put:

“music arts + sports academy”
“music, arts and sports academy”
“music + arts + sports academy”

is there some typographic rule when setting words strung like that? I feel like the comma takes away from the logo's possible timelessness or whatever, and disrupts its rhythm.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is my first post as a new member on typophile.


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I see MASA in your forms - why not look for a typeface that mirrors the blocky shape of your forms - something very square to match your shapes but more easily readable. Good concept!

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I did not read Masa at all, and couldn't really see it after you said so either. I'm not sure if it really works or not. Something along the lines of Gotham (Rounded?) might fit the shapes. Or another geometric sans.

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I like the minimalist approach of the logo, but I would never know it said MASA unless you told me. And it'll get worse when you reduce the logo small, like on a business card or small web ad, as the differences between letters will become very tiny.

But I like the general approach if you could just make the shapes a little more obvious.

As for question #2 I'd go with “music + arts + sports academy”. Bullets would also work -- "music • arts • sports academy".

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I went with the + signs for separation. I dont have Gotham so I opted for Avenir. Is there a big difference between the two in terms of nuances? Avenir seems a bit more playful? (something I'd be going for)

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Feliciano’s Morgan comes to my mind:


I imagine that Morgan would work well with it, and there’s a Slab version, too (e. g. for correspondence).

My 2 cents on your logo:
I didn’t read MASA right away. The /M/ is particularly giving me a hard time, I read it as a /U/. I’m sure there’s a way to keep the 4-blocks-idea but to improve readability. You might find some inspiration here:

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I don't have a problem with legibility.
It's a logo.

How about a light weight of a contemporary slab serif?
The monoline would be "flat" to match the graphic quality of the logo.
The light weight suitably arty, and the slab robust enough for sport.

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I don't have a problem with legibility.
It's a logo.

As much as I believe that there are more important parameters than legibility in a logo, as much I think one should avoid (undirected) confusion.

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I just had a play with Neutraface 2 Text (Book & Demi), I realise its horribly overused at the moment, but I'd like to think geometric sans works with your logo. I also agree with Mr Shin, its a logo guys.
Not sure about the music, arts & sports academy line

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I read MASA OK. In Chillyphilli's version I think the vertical bars are a bit too visually similar to the letter I: how would it look with bullets instead?

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Totally agree with dtw about the vertical bars. What about an ampersand or a backslash like this:


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The curves in S could be smoother.

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I read MASA at first as well, although I'd try to round the upper corners of the M and have the same bottom as the A, but that's just an idea that might (or might not) work.

How about just writing MUSIC / ARTS / SPORTS underneath the logo? I just have the problem that in my opinion music and arts are too separated in comparison to sports academy. Maybe you could try to write the 3 disciplines in one line and academy in the second to emphasize the connection of academy to all three.

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I read MASA no problem but if a lot of people on a type forum are having issues, you can probably bet that people who don't spend their days scrutinizing letterforms will have issues as well.

I like the idea of using + / or | between the words, but if you're going to use bars you may want to extend them above the cap-height/below the baseline.

Have you tried Proxima Nova for your accompanying type? Its circular geometric forms (I think) would compliment your square-ish designs nicely and provide some interesting contrast, especially in all caps and maybe tracked out a bit.

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Have you seen Ibis Text and Display? Those square letters might be of interest.

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