*Critique on personal Brand*

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first post/first critique!

I am starting a web development company Called JeekMedia.

Dealing with all things in web development. From iphone/android apps to static html pages.

I wanted to go with a real elegant sleek yet a small hint of geekiness. so after a week of locking in and getting things done this is what i came up with.

How I came up with the design is for simplicity I went with the Futura typeface with the "K" being and curly bracket used in many programming languages.

Please throw in your complete 2cents! thanks!

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I like the idea but I'm not fond of that bracket, What typeface is used in programming packages? try something less stylised and more pixel-like.

Are you going for a brand of just Jeek? or is the 'media' going to appear too? It would help to balance it better.....right now when looking very quickly it's looking like the end of the K has had a bad LSD experience.

It depends where it will appear but the kerning of JEE may be too tight.

Like I said though I like the idea.

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It looks a bit like a scorpion. I don't think the curly bracket should be so much taller than the stem of K. I also like the idea of it looking pixellated.

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Thanks for feedback.

Type used in many programming languages are your basic courier, times, etc. I tried those but was not feeling either.

The reason for the stylish look is because im a very stylish. So im trying to incorporate that into it as well.
I first went with a serif font but thought it was a little over the top.

Yes I am going for a more whole branded approach with JeekMedia with media being close to the end of the K(bracket) giving the look as if its in a line of code.


Thanks for feedback.

lol after walking away from it for a while and coming back it does!

I made the curly bracket a little bit bigger because i wanted it to stand out more from the logo.

I like the pixel idea!

Im working on revisions now thanks!

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Oh, dear lord, please don't produce yet another pixelated logo for a web development company. It's just so overdone. The concept you have could work with some refinement. Don't muck it up with cliches from the 90's.

Print it out, in black ink only, at multiple sizes from a half inch to three inches high; just trust me on that. I know it seems like a useless exercise, but elegance truly does reveal itself in print.

All the letters are tracked too tightly, and the k needs special attention. The legs are too close to the stem, first of all. Second of all, there's no need to upscale the curly bracket to make it stand out -- doing so gives it a sore thumb quality. Part of the problem is the thickness of the bracket doesn't optically balance with the rest of the letters. Not good. Also -- the space where the bracket connects to the stem is awkward. It's either too short or too long, I'm unsure (too thin?), but it needs adjusting.

For this to work, remember; you're done when there's nothing left to take away and your message is still clear. That's the trick to great design, IMO. So, take away the "oversize" feature of the bracket because it's just not adding anything other than a quizzical reaction. That's not what you want....unless you sell puzzles. :)

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This is certainly distinctive! But perhaps a little bit scary. did you try the same concept but with different weights or different fonts?

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Yes I have done some revisions from the last one will be posting in a day or so.

And yeah after doing some research on other firms I thought that pixel look was a lil overused.

will post more in morning thanks for all help!

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