'Made' - Film Title Sequence (1972)

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Any idea what the typeface used in the title sequence for the 1972 film 'Made' is?

Kinda reminds me of Yagi Link Double, but not quite...

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Seems Noah Harris has a nice description of 'Tape Don' which is also very close, but not quite...


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A and E resemble Yagi in construction, but also a number of other "neon" and "paperclip" typefaces popular in the seventies.
Maybe you can ask Mr. Trogman (http://typophile.com/user/12824 the creator of Yagi) directly if he recognise this one.

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A refined specimen of this font appeared over on A.B.F. recently. Surely this was not a custom face made for the movie? Any ideas as to the original source, name, etc.?

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