Lato: new free open-source sanserif family by Lukasz Dziedzic

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tyPoland presents its first public typeface release


Lato is a sanserif typeface family designed in the Summer 2010 by Warsaw-based designer Łukasz Dziedzic (“Lato” means “Summer” in Polish). In December 2010 the Lato family was published under the open-source Open Font License by his foundry tyPoland, with support from Google.

In the last ten or so years, during which Łukasz has been designing type, most of his projects were rooted in a particular design task that he needed to solve. With Lato, it was no different. Originally, the family was conceived as a set of corporate fonts for a large client — who in the end decided to go in different stylistic direction, so the family became available for a public release.

When working on Lato, Łukasz tried to carefully balance some potentially conflicting priorities. He wanted to create a typeface that would seem quite “transparent” when used in body text but would display some original traits when used in larger sizes. He used classical proportions (particularly visible in the uppercase) to give the letterforms familiar harmony and elegance. At the same time, he created a sleek sanserif look, which makes evident the fact that Lato was designed in 2010 — even though it does not follow any current trend.

The semi-rounded details of the letters give Lato a feeling of warmth, while the strong structure provides stability and seriousness. “Male and female, serious but friendly. With the feeling of the Summer,” says Łukasz.

Lato consists of five weights (plus corresponding italics), including a beautiful hairline style. The first release only includes the Western character set. Improved screen quality (better hinting), pan-European Latin, Cyrillic and Greek extensions, as well as small caps and other typographic niceties are expected in 2011.

The entire family is completely free for any desktop and webfont use, and is available from the Google Font Directory at:

I’ll appreciate any remarks, comments etc.


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Dziękuję! (thank you in Polish)

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Long live open-source.

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Nice surprise!

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Added to favourite typefaces

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Beautiful, thankyou.

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Awesome font, I'm excited for start to use it, my congratulations to the creator

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Absolutely amazing.

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Very impressive family - will definitely begin using it!

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You are crazy, giving such a beautiful font away.
Thanks man!

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Nice job. Wonderfully generous of you to make it open source.

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Yes, very generous!

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Wonderfully generous of you to make it open source.

Google is commissioning new fonts, so if you'd like to propose something, mail me :)

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Beautiful work Łukasz, and very generous!

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Google is commissioning new fonts

Can you elaborate?

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Also, my compliments to Łukasz on the good work.

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very nice font, like business corporate

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Thanks! Great font!

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Buuu, taki fajny font, ale chciałem zapytać dlaczego w paczce nie ma polskich znaków diakrytycznych, dlaczego nie ma ogonków?

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The lowercase 'g' alone deserves to be paid for ;))

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sweet. downloaded. although the preview on google didn't work in my firefox 3.6.13 - it showed times instead. :-)

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vulgarion: Napisane przecie w opisie że w styczniu będą :)

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Wow!!! Merry Christmas to you too! Incredible!

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Thanks so much for sharing this lovely typeface.


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Very nice work! Congratulations!

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Одличен фонт! Честитам!!!

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Very Good

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Well up to Łukasz's usual standard, which is to say, terrific.

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A lovely surprise, and elegant too

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I can see a tip of the hat to Google in that Italic "g"! Brilliant.


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Couple of things -- I believe some further characters were hinted at? Old-style numbers, small caps? Any notion when they'll be ready?

And secondly, we just took in a book that uses (reworked) Charis for text, with Lato for display. The designer, Cherie Westmoreland, has gotten at least two books in the AAUP Book Show that use Charis for the text. (Of course, she has a fair number of her books chosen for the show over the years. Still...) This will be the first time we've done a book that used only open source fonts -- and I think Lato more than good enough for show books.

Thanks for it,


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Sorry to not be able to jump on this bandwagon. That uppercase italic S just screams optical slanting with no adjustments.

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Sorry to not be able to jump on this bandwagon. That uppercase italic S just screams optical slanting with no adjustments.

Then we won't hang it in the museum. Have you tried *using* the fonts?

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I agree with you, the italic uppercase could use some polishing. Thanks for your feedback, I’ll discuss it with the designer :)


could you let us know which book you’re talking about?

BTW, we have launched — a website for the Lato family. If you find the family used somewhere on the web or in print, please let us know using the Add to gallery link on the website.

We are working a donation scheme that will allow us to expand the family and add more characters. I hope that we will see more of the family some time in 2012.


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Cool site Adam. And that photo of you two is killer.


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After Hrant commented on the Lato team photo, I had to see for myself. While on the "About" page, I noticed some strange hyphenation (or lack thereof) in Mac Safari 5.0.4. (Check out the end of the first and second lines in this screengrab.) Everything looks fine in Mac Firefox 6.

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I've looked at it in Safari 5.1.2 in Mac OS X 10.6.8 and it looks fine (i.e. the hyphens do appear). The very first edition of the Lato fonts published about a year ago had the omission of the hyphen glyph. So this problem did indeed occur if the oldest version was used. Perhaps, by some chance, you've once visited a web page that used Lato some months ago, and that version is still in your Safari cache? I don't know. I'd be happy to know, however, if the same problem occurs once you've cleaned the Safari cache and then, perhaps, restarted the computer? Also, do you have Lato installed locally on your machine by any chance?


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Adam, I think you nailed the problem on several counts -- I have both visited sites that use Lato and have Lato installed locally on my machine.

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I posted the link on the AAUP (Association of American Presses) design list. Heard back from several designers who liked the fonts -- and actually, most probably liked them & just didn't reply.

I will let you know the name of the book a bit later. It is still in production. With the publisher's permission, you can have a PDF of, say, the title page, or a text spread if you want -- though academic monographs often aren't a good venue for showing off fonts...

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thank you!

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Many thanks! Long live Type lovers!

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404. That’s an error.

The requested URL /fonts/family?family=Lato&subset=latin was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

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