InDesign: PC fonts on Mac [and why can't I post to Build?]

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I guess this should really be in Build, but that topic seems to be locked ...

In the InDesign manual it states pretty clearly that PC fonts, TT and T1, should be available to InDesign on OSX when put in InDesign's own Fonts folder. Neither me nor my printer have been able to get this to work. Is this one of those, er, 'unfeatured documenteds' like the InDesign Interchange format?



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Yes, only PC True Type.
Not PostScript T1 PC fonts.

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Windows Type 1 fonts always worked fine for me in InDesign on Mac OS (even back in ID 2 on OS 9). Just had to put them in either the shared Adobe fonts folder, or the ID private fonts folder, per the documentation.

Note that a Windows Type 1 font consists of two parts, the .PFB and .PFM files. Also, as always you need to make sure that you don't have any conflicting fonts installed that use the same names. Mac OS, and OS X even more so, ships with a bunch of TrueType fonts (now packaged as dfonts) that have the same names as common Type 1 fonts.



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Is there anyway we could petition Apple to add PC T1 fonts to the list of fonts OSX can use? Make things so much easier.

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Question regarding PC Fonts + InDesign + OSX

I think the only fonts ... PC fonts ... that would be available to Indy on OSX would be PC OpenType fonts. But I could be wrong.

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