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I'm new to creating actual fonts and I've been fighting hard with a design I'm working on. Our youth ministries are named "Upsidedown youth ministries" and I'm creating a logo for our youth services which are called "invert." I want the logo to be a vertical ambigram that can be read upsidedown.

I've got the design that I've spent a bit of time in the problem is that the letters don't seem to all give the same feeling so I'm needing some suggestions. Tear it to pieces please, but remember, it has to be able to be read upsidedown exactly the same.

Thanks much!

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I'm afraid it looks rather devilish to me! It immediately reminded me of these John Connolly book jackets.

I'm not really a big fan of ambigrams unless they manage to avoid that typical goth/metal look that the distortion of letter forms tends to push them into. I think this would be lot better if you tried a much cleaner, geometric, monoline look. If you just want to adjust your current design I would remove the arrows and shorten the left stem of N which when mirrored on the R will help that to read better. At the moment it looks more like "Invent".

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Good point. I thought I had gotten away from the look once I changed from a previous stroke. In my study of ambigrams, I did prefer the cleaner look instead of goth (or else I could have been done in a few minutes with but I was fighting with the make-up of the word.

I adjusted the "invert."

I probably won't release the design until I get it like I want (which may be doing a complete redesign). Excuse my ignorance, but what do you mean by monoline?

My ideal look for an ambigram.

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Clever idea, but I'm not sure I'd know it said "invert" unless someone told me.

Some other approaches might be for the logo to contain the word twice -- once regular and once as a mirror image upside down -- or maybe have just some letters be inverted. For example...

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Any thoughts on any of these?

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I have had some experience with this... Its pretty difficult to construct a decent logo in the form of an ambigram because a) its never that legible and b) it often comes out looking like a death metal band logo.

Heres my effort for a frozen yoghurt company.. se if you can read the name..

Also I found this helpful:

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I'm starting to see INHERIT in the newer versions. I think you should forget the ambigram and do something bold and clearly readable. INVERT in a bold sans with perhaps the N or R reversed. There might be some inspiration in this thread Establish the visual identity this way and keep your ambigrams on the back burner to use as a one-off for an appropriate situation.

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One of my favourite ads to feature an ambigram was from brake line manufacturers Hel Performance. Most ads in bike mags feature either plastic 'crotch-rockets' or scantily-clad women. This one broke the mould and credited us with intelligence and typographical sophistication in one! The advertisement featured a beautifully crafted ambigram that reads DEVIL and ANGEL depending on which way up the page is held. The ad requires the user to actually turn the mag upside down to read the second half of the copy.

I don't know how to post images but you can see it here:

(Visit the link below and choose "Ambigram 08/09" "Ambigram - Motorcycle")

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