Combining Caslon and Graphik?

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Hi all,
I do not always have an intuitive eye for these things, and so I figured I'd be better off if I turn to you guys for advice. Here's the thought process I have been through so far with picking fonts for an upcoming magazine design:

I have been looking at a magazine where they have (in my opinion) beautifully combined lineto's Replica and what I think is Matthew Carter's Miller. Because of budgeting limitations, I started out thinking I could maybe try to replace Miller with Adobe Caslon. That's the first question, I guess: What do you guys think of such a replacement?

Then I started looking at Replica versus Schwartz’s Graphik. I want a sans-serif I can use both for headings and for body text. Would Graphik work for that? And would it combine with Caslon, or is this just outrageous?

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If you intend to use a serif typeface for headlines, you will limit your design options if there is no size-specific (optically scaled) display version available.

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I was thinking mostly that I would use the sans-serif for headings. And I will also use the sans-serif for body text. And then other places I will use the serif for body text.

You're suggesting, Nick, that if I want to use the serif for headlines, then Miller will give me more design options than Caslon, right?

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Adobe Caslon, certainly. But there are many other Caslons, several of which have display cuts.

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Sounds like a good combination to me.
In case you don't need a lot of different weights for the sans you can also try the rather inexpensive Neuzeit S.

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