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So ive decided to take it upon myself to re-brand a local restaurant i thought was in need for one, so id like you all to help me out with starting by telling me whats poor and what you might like. thanks

The restaurant lies in beautiful downtown Claremont Ca. Its location, which was once a printing press in the 1920's, is now home to a mid-scale restaurant sells pricey wines and entrees, also hosts music, there logo is just clip art, so i thought i might attempt to bring some elegance to there already exsistent upscale demeanor.( the roman numerals also imply printings presses origins)

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I liked the previous one better (http://typophile.com/node/77234) and, by "old-style numerals" i meant these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Text_figures

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I like the logo, it has a understated class to it. The diamond reminds me of a cocktail napkin or coaster in a restaurant setting, which I think is good.

You could research some 1920's style references for the dividing line maybe, but I like the simple straight line.

The only issue I could see is restrictions when replicating at smaller sizes e.g on the web, or on a business card. The MCMXCV might become unreadable depending on the size. Is there a reason for the roman numerals being italicised?

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