need criticism

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let me know what you think of this, im new to design, it a restaurant thats was an old printing press but sells high end wines and expsensive entrees, does this say that

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Use old-style numerals. And move the thread to the appropriate Critique section of the forum. ;-)

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I think the white strokes are way too thin; in small print they'll disappear.

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thanks for the critique, im reworking in and it will be in the correct section this time, thanks

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Also things don't seem to be centered properly. Looking at the dividing line, there's more space to the left of the 'P' in 'PRESS' than there is to the right of the 'S'. Also the line with 'est. 1995' seems to be aligned with the left side of 'RESTAURANT' and there is a large gap to the right.

The size relationship between 'THE' and 'PRESS' should either be more distinct, or they should be the same. Right now 'THE' isn't small enough, but isn't quite large enough either. I'd also give more vertical space between them.

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