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Hello Everybody,

As Expletus Sans is coming to completion, I started working on some new ideas. After I had drawn the a I just had to complete the lowercase. It's still in a very early stage of the design process, so no proper spacing/kerning except the kerning already in Adobe Garamond. It's not exactly based on Garamonds proportions, but I did use it as a reference, so for now the name Garamond Sans will do. Before you comment any serious critique I would like to know if you know of any similar fonts. Hope you like it!

Jasper de Waard

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This is a great start, and worth pursuing. Steer clear of Cronos, Today Sans, Comenia Sans, Relato Sans. The stroke contrast already makes yours unique.

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Thanks Stephen. It just seems so unlikely nobody has ever tried to cut off the serifs of a serif typeface and keep the contrast the same. Do you have any critique on colour, width, optical illusions, shape, etc.? Is the comma working for you?

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Looks promising!

The /z/ looks too light to me, as well as the comma.
I think there’s a slight overall weight discrepancy between the (originally) serifed characters and the non-serifed.

But I like the rather compact shape of the /c/ and the rather solid tittles.

Another font in that category would be

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Jasper, have a look at Nota by Nikola Djurek. IMO, one of the best and most underrated releases this year.

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Did you just chop them off? :) In y, the serifs obviously played a big part in adding weight. Your w also suffers from this. I’ve used Relato Sans quite a bit which have a similar unconnected k and it always bothers me. I would reconsider that one.

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@ Joerg: I just added some weight to the z and comma, so it's good to hear my eyes told the truth. I based in somewhat on Garamond to speeden up the design process. It's not meant as a sans-serif companion for Garamond. On of the many changes I've made so far is decreasing the length of the ascenders, which I couldn't/shouldn't have done if it was a companion for Garamond. The tittles are Garamond's size and I like them too. I find the c too wide in many typefaces. I guess I didn't make mine too compressed then. =D

@ Frode: The k in Relato sans has a much wider gap. The gap in Sensa (I've decided to name it Sensa now) disappears at text sizes. I have made changes to every glyph shown above, many of them increasing/decreasing weight, so I hope what you say about the y is fixed now.

Thanks for your comments guys. I'll upload an update in a few days.

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Nota is beautifull indeed. It's gonna be hard to top that :-(

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