custom typographic logo critique

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Im looking for some outside criticism of this logotype. Perhaps it will provide further refinement.


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What is it for?

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It was created for fun. It could be used for something in the future.

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Like what?

Providing context about your wordmark will yield a better critique.

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I think it's a clever type concept suggesting speed or motion. It just flows.

maybe the t should be a bit shorter??

there is something about the r..

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Possibly work on a rule from the 'left-foot' of the k to the i? Maybe scrap the swash on the bottom left of the i.

This is purely a remark on how it could look 'kool' as I have no idea what it could be for, the genre, its characteristics, whether its selling something etc.

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Logos 'just for fun' aren't really something that can be critiqued other than asking: did you have fun making it?

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On first viewing I like it! Good sense of movement, but not boy-racer speed...

Unfortunately, I think it might lose some legibility at smaller sizes - the 'k' and 't' are a bit too similar. Maybe you could give 't' a medium ascender height?

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of course you can give feedback on a fun logo

for instance about it's aesthetics and legibility

this way he can improve his techniques

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