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this is my first attempt in using illustrator and i have to create an identity for a non-profitable organisation "Acres For Elephants". this is what i've come up with and the "a" seems so out of place. i'm not a graphic-background student but i'm trying my best in my new multimedia course. any suggestions to improve the logo or a new typeface is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!

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i'm sorry about the double post, there was an error in the first one so i hit "post" for a 2nd time... admin: please help me to delete the post with a broken image link, sorry to cause any inconvenience.

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Gloria I like #4. There is no need to have an a or an e. Remember KISS (keep it simple stupid)

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Gloria two more thoughts. When you post here you will get an error message. Just go back one page and then scroll to the topics section at the top of the page hit it and you will see your name as the most recent post in the category you posted.
I did a recent Elephant Illustration in Painter check it out in my Illustration page. Just look up my info to get the url

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I love the idea of making portions of the elephant out of the acronym. I respectfully disagree with Mr. Weaver, however, and I think that the "a" and "e" are necessary, and with a more effective integration would make this mark wonderfully unique. I do believe in KISS, but I think it can be applied here to the silhouette instead of removing a great layer of meaning.

I see the "e" in 1,2,3,5,6 as an ear, and see that with a different perspective, like a 3/4 view, that there may be potential to work the "a" in a similar way, on the other side of the elephant's head.

For that matter the logo could be a lot more about the head and less about the whole body, I would consider further exploration within this main concept area.

I do like #4 for it's blend of contemporary and muted colors.


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thanks alot Daniel, erm... any improvements for #4? the elephant you drew looks fantastic, very realistic! point taken about the posting. :-)

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hello Aaron, i was trying to fit the 'a' and 'e' because the organisation is Acres For Elephant, however, the 'a' just seems to stick out like a sore thumb. could you elaborate a little more on the 3/4 view?

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I agree with Aaron -- it doesn't make sense to me that the "f" is incorporated into the logo mark but the "a" and "e" float free. If the "f" is the face and trunk of the elephant, perhaps the "a" and "e" can be tiny elephant eyes or ears?

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Make the whole animal out of letters.
Like this it looks like a poacher has already got to it. :-/


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patrick: will work harder!
hrant: funny interpretation about the poacher :D

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