Corporate guidelines PDF or books from well known corporate companies?

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Hi there,

I can't find anywhere on the net of corporate guidelines (downloadable PDF) of companies such as Apple, Adobe, Ikea, Microsoft etc. I want to learn more of how they present guidelines in terms of logo usage, color, templates for products, retail display etc.

I am looking for corporate guidelines to help me figure out how to present to a company where they products from a retail standpoint as well have a very good corporate design system.

Or if there are any exceptional books I can buy that would be also ideal.

Thanks in advance!

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Aren't they generally an internal, corporate confidential thing? These people tend to be rather protective of their very expensively developed brands, intellectual property and all that.

Having said that, in the age of wikileaks, no doubt someone is compiling a resource somewhere.

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you could take a look at "The UX bookmark".
A cool place to find corporate guidelines.
Hope it could help you !

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That "UX Bookmark" site is interesting.

Most corporations don't make them publically available because they are viewed as internal documents. In the old days they were often printed manuals in 3-ring binder format with pages of camera-ready logos that could be cut out. These days they're often distributed as PDFs and logos & templates can be downloaded from a password-protected site.

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Corporate identity portal edited by Prof. Robert Paulmann

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Two very nice links :)

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Wow, what a great link. Thanks for sharing.

I was happy to find this link and thought it would be CI guidelines, but the links are logos given the file size and the .SIT files are password protected. If anyone knows the password it would be nice to check out what's inside the file.

Are there any more links out there people know about? Trying to find the bigger companies like Apple, Microsoft, Target etc. looking for retail operations with a balance of online and offline presence.

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