zig zag inspired font?

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I am currently in the process of designing a logo where their company name starts with a Z.

They like the zig zag approach to their design philosophy, where its not straight logical A to B route of approaching their unique product designs. I am trying to find some fonts which represent this, not necessarily a Z but a font which represents the zig zag approach. It needs to be a contemporary font.

I have thought of an icon of a lightning bolt which I think it represents nicely a zigzag, and extends the idea of "creative ideas with inspiration".

I will create word only font without icon as an alternative. Looking for a font I can start as a base and will customize the look.

I didn't put this in the type ID font as its more focused on a design question I think :)

Thanks for your help in advance.

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I would investigate the recent modern takes at the blackletter genre.

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... like Fakir for example.

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Or draw inspiration from Kurrentschrift.

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