Classifications for Fedra?

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I'm compiling a list of typefaces and trying to apply classifications beyond simple categories, the categories being sans-serif, serif, slab serif, etc. The Fedra family is a little tough. What would Fedra Serif be? I've seen the category "contemporary" applied to it, but that seems to be a little "dated", as the definition of contemporary will always change. I've seen Humanist applied to Fedra Sans, which makes sense.

So what is the best classification for Fedra Serif? Best for Fedra Sans?


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Classifications are the stuff of historians. Fedra isn’t that old yet.

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Humanist sans and serif. Classifying something as contemporary makes little sense.

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Besides, 'contemporary' is a fashion class, not a type class.

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"Humanist sans and serif..."

Good enough for me! But do you mean "Humans sans" and "Humanist serif", to be precise?

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"Humanist" has a very different meaning in the sans-serif and the serif worlds. I'd be more hesitant about calling Fedra Serif "humanist."

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The classification is "Fedrist".

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Old style and Venetian (is this what you're thinking of, Craig?) are both sub categories of Humanist serif In my world. Fedra is perhaps more Old Style? At least if you're looking at the x-height. Not quite sure though. It does have a very different feel to it than most other faces in that category - so perhaps at a later stage it will get a different label.

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So is this fair?:

Fedra Sans: Humanist
Fedra Serif: Old Style

I won't put "Contemporary". I'd rather leave it blank then put that.

Neither of those feel great, but I think "Fedrist" while certainly a propos doesn't clear things up much.

I can't help but see Garamond (or other similar Old Style) when I look at either the serif or the sans (much less so) and see the miniscule "a":

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