Which Font For a Blues Band

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Hello Typophile. Long time lurker, first time poster.

I need to create a banner for a band's myspace and website. They're bluesy, contemporary, and young. They have this older kick ass soul singer. The name is "Brownish Black." Any suggestions? Ideally with the "B" being the main feature.


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At the risk of being a little too obvious...

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@Nick Shinn Ha! Very cheeky. I will pass this along. I like the tiny rounded points in this font. I don't think it really fits the feel, but it will be impossible for me not to try a few examples with it. Thanks.

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Possibly too outrageous: Triod Postnaja.

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@Té Rowan Odd.. I like the insane uppercase A and B but overall it seems like it comes from a style derived not from 'round here (USA). Blues is 'Merican born ya know? The lowercase w throws me off. But, I'll fool around with it and see what it does. Thanks!

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You're right. It's a Central European church type. Toss the name into Google for more.

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FF Tisa. It's a sophisticated slab serif. A stand-up looking font, but contemporary, not old-fashioned.
There's nothing spectacular about the "B", but it might be what you want.

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@J. Tillman

Very nice. What would you suggest if I wanted to move away from "contemporary" a bit? What would be an older version of this?

Thanks for your suggestion!

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How about FF Angie; it has an interesting /B/.

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I think the Brownish Black name is a stinker and you should reconsider. Believe me, I know how hard it is to come up with a name for a band, I've done the band and club circuit for years when I was younger, but Brownish Black has nothing going for it. Forget finding a font, find a new name!

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Below are some fonts that would remind me of "Brownish Black".


*FF Advert Rough

*FF Burokrat

*FF Chernobyl

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