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The Bureau des affaires typographiques presents its new typeface: Adso. Designed by Bruno Bernard, Adso is a contemporary blackletter with a radically unique style.

To celebrate this release, BAT offers a 30% discount on the complete Adso family pack. This exceptionnal offer is only valid for two days, only for you. From this morning, until friday night, dec. 10. All you have to do is add "Adso Family Complete" to your shopping cart, then, before checkout, enter this code: adsoclub101209.


Adso has been created par Bruno Bernard between 2005 and 2010. Acting as a robust yet refined display typeface, strong and sweet, Adso allies the modernity of uncluttered shapes to the noble beauty of blackletter structures. Adso is the first outcome of a research lead by its designer on the possibilities of reintroducing gothic scripts in the comtemporary world.

Of course, blackletter faces are still seen today, but generally used to mean a certain rebellious marginality (music, tattoos…), or even to signify the authenticity of a traditionnal savoir-faire (catering trade, antique dealers…). In both cases it is about niches that throw gothic writing out on the fringes of history.

Adso is a blackletter that claims for a larger use. It's a typeface of today, highly legible thanks to its simple shapes, and very attractive thanks to the sweetness of its curves. It can be used in far more diverse fields than old blackletter are. Adso thus offers a fresh look on our typographic inheritage, and widens the field of experimentation for graphic designers.


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