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Hi all - I am working on an identity project for a client in Russia. I need to find a cyrillic font which reflects a contemporary interpretation of a heritage brand. I am thinking something along the lines of Fedra Serif, but I need a cyrillic character set. Any suggestions?

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Fedra Serif has a Cyrillic characterset:


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Thanks Pieter - I'll get that now. Any alternative suggestions?

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...a contemporary interpretation of a heritage brand...

Modern Suite

The Scotch Modern was the prevalent serif style immediately prior to the Russian revolution.
During the Soviet era, it was revived as New Standard, which, like revivals of the Scotch Modern elsewhere, was "cleaned up", so this finely-detailed digitization of the letterpress effect represents a fresh take on the genre.

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An earlier Cyrillic discussion:

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Thanks both of you - I'm loving Scotch modern...great tip!

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Oh, no. Just do not use the cyrillic of FF Quadraat!

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Why not? Is it so bad?

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