A work of passion...

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from Michael Adkins...

Just wondering if I could get some feedback on this new font. First: this font isn't trying to take itself too serious. It is a condensed tribute to the classic 1940s Captain America covers. Second: It fits in fine when bold, fill-up-the-space lettering is called for, and it works great for signage when you're trying to cram everything into a tight space (DOT numbers and GVW's come to mind.) In all other venues, its usability remains to be seen.

Really, it's a work of passion, so the question of overall functionality also remains to be seen. Still, people are downloading the freebie at a hot pace, so there may be life for it beyond the funny books and sign shops. Thoughts?


the beta version...

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Who said there isn’t an healthy place for specialised typefaces?

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The font is cool, but where on the foundry's site is the EULA?

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N is heavy.

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to: Té Rowan
If you are downloading the beta from fontspace, the EULA is in the zip file, or that is where I left it.


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Oh, it is in the zip file, allright, but EULAs that cannot be perused until after unwrapping or downloading might be declared completely null and void by courts of law. In fact, I think it did happen in the UK a bunch of years back.

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I wasn't aware of this. I will endeavor to correct the oversite. Thank you.

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