(x) Raleigh Retroglide - Opti Sport Script {John B}

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Thx in advance

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Opti Sport Script. I wasn't able to find a link.

WOO HOO! I got one!

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Looks like it's not available.

See this thread and the links in it.

Fenway Park has a similar feel but not an exact match.

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I think I made a mistake in the thread you linked Patricia...
Opti would be sold by Castcraft and it's probably in one of the packages.


the Casady and Green script that is now
unavailable is Sedona Script ... which is similar but different.


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But can you find this font on that horrendous site? I can't unless they're calling it something else.

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I wasn't able to find it either ... Christopher, you
might try emailing the proprietors of Castcraft ...
or going with an alternative ...

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FontMesa's "La Macchina" looks a lot like this. BJ, weren't you the one who told me about that one? (see attached from the Script Guide)LaMacchina sample

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Yes, I will write to Castcraft. Jukebox remains a very beautiful
alternative. Thank you everyone.

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