"Scary foodz" serif typeface

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Anyone know this??

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Unicorn from the freeware department. Don’t know the origin of it.

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Dieter Steffmann, I think.

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Dieter didn't actually create anything original. His Unicorn was actually someone's version of Ortem.

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No credit given to anybody at Dafont or in da font.

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I wasn't saying that Dieter Steffmann didn't do the font, but that no one was credited, even within the font itself. Very nice of you to confirm Té Rowan's suspicion. Thanks.

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Thanks to all ☺

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Steve, do you think it's important to give credit?


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Yes I do: to the designer of Unicorn, the designer of Ortem, and the IDer.

Credit for Unicorn (within the font) is "Copyright (c) Typographer Mediengestaltung, 2000."

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