Roman (& Greek) Art Inspiration

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Hello everyone,

I'm putting together PowerPoint templates (yeah, I know...) for two classes: Roman History and Greek History. I'm not the one teaching these classes, which by the way are at college level, and I don't have any of the material so I can't let the content inform the design.

At this beginning stage of the project, I'm looking for inspiration. Do you have any samples of well designed books/magazines on Roman/Greek art?

And to make this related to typography, any suggestions regarding typefaces? For the titles I might try to achieve an inscribed letters effect (if I go with a rock surface background, and I can pull it off in PPT).

If all goes well, I might be posting here screenshots of the work in progress over the next two weeks.

Thanks for your help.

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IMO Nova Augustea is a good Roman typeface, but apparently only the Open version is available digitally.

Lithos is a good Greek face.
Paul Shaw's Pontif is an alternative to the ubiquitous Trajan.

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Nick, thanks for your post. Nova Augustea is nice. I was also looking at Gaudy Forum from Ascender.

I'm currently researching Roman and Greek ornamental motifs. I need to befriend an art historian :)

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Maybe the Greek Font Society has something you can use, if only as inspiration.

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