What could possibly go with this font..?

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Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone can help me pick a font to go with LT chickenhawk (http://www.dafont.com/lt-chickenhawk.font).

We've fallen in love with this font, although we're planning to tweak it a bit for our purposes - and want to use it to write our company name on signage and business cards. (We're doing tea and cake so like the cutesy handmade feel of it)

I'm trying to find a suitable body font to go with it and really struggling - I'm not generally a fan of script-type fonts, but other fonts I've looked at look sterile and out of place next to this hand drawn font. Any suggestions?

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I would try with a narrow-ish light slab-serif.
Which could complement the letter shapes, but contrast the feel, so that the text would be legible and help the rest stand out more.

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Thanks riccard0, that's a good idea. For now, if anyone's interested, I'm thinking Nadia (http://quersicht.ch/04_labor/04_ft_nadi.html) though I'll have to draw some characters (like @) to go with it.

And thanks for the other suggestion bojev - I did think about using another of Nymphont's typefaces in that style, but they're too similar for what I have in mind and not legible enough.

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mmm, Matilde (TypeDepot) might go well, but the serifs might conflict too much with that handwritten font you've chosen.

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This actually would work great with Helvetica..

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What doesn't work great with Helvetica?..

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Helvetica all by itself, maybe.

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