Paragraph Spacing InDesign CS4

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I am having trouble adjusting the spacing between paragraphs in InDesign. It allows me to make the spacing bigger, however going into the negative introduces an error. Does anyone know how to make the spacing tighter without tightening the line spacing? Thanks in advance.

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Do you have an extra return where each green block is? You only need to push return once to go to the next line and use the paragraph spacing to make the space larger than the normal leading. If the paragraph spacing is at 0 then the space between lines shouldn't be any more than the normal leading.

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Don't put blank lines between paragraphs as spacers, it makes it harder to control spacing and also you could end up with a blank line at the top of a column or page.

As Penn mentioned, use paragraph spacing instead. You can access it 3 ways -- the Paragraphs palette, or the control bar (shown below) at the top of the window (be sure the P is selected so it shows paragraph attributes), or via a style sheet applied to those paragraphs.

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Penn, There is only one space where the green blocks are. I'm still having trouble making that space tighter than the normal leading. What am I doing wrong?

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> there is only one space where the green blocks are.

Daanen, when you say "one space" do you mean one empty line? What Penn and I were saying was you should delete those empty lines between the paragraphs, and space out the paragraphs using InDesign's "space below" feature.

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FYI, most of the apostrophes other than the one in goat's are unnecessary (and grammatically incorrect)...

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You could also send me the InDesign file and I could take a look if you still can't figure it out.


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A common mistake when formatting "by hand" is to forget to include the final hard return. It's possible the hard return has another size or leading than the regular text (possible also combined with Align to Baseline grid), which makes the next line jump down more than you'd expect.

Triple-click one of the paragraphs -- this will include the final hard return -- and check if all text has the same size and leading.

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Two cents for debugging:
1. Could you provide a screenshot with visible hidden characters?
2. As Theunis suggest, make sure that 'Align to Baseline Grid' isn’t selected.

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I see where I was going wrong, all sorted thanks heaps!

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