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Dilfana, my first font, currently only really on squared paper at the moment, but I do have this which I plotted out on Illustrator earlier. I know there's not much to go on, but any pointers would be great.

application/pdfPDF of Dilfana
dilfana.pdf (8.5 k)

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Damn, first post ever and I manage to screw it up!

Anyway, I now have a PDF of most of the letters, I'm not yet happy with my LC m, w and z's so those are missing, but let me know what I've got so far. Cheers!

alphabet.pdf (13.1 k)

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I may as well like it a lot , even if I am not too sure about the 'x'; the character between 'u' and 'x'; the 's', it seems a tad too bold / too clumsy in the middle; and the top of the 'f'; of 'Dilfana'..
But, I love the 'a'..

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Impressive in that it is a strong, distinctive design idea carried through consistently. I like the art deco look also. Once you have solved the mwz to your satisfaction, I think it would be worth experimenting with different widths of counters, stems and spacing, to see if you can improve legibility without losing the 'look'.

Since this will obviously be used only for short names and titles, such as the name of a restaurant, legibility is not the main thing, but still is always a consideration.

I think the v solution is clever, but you might try making it a bit wider. I agree with Dav on the need to polish the x and s. The top of the f I think is the only solution so far that needs to be changed. The notch at the top is distracting as it doesn't read 'f' right away.

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Looks like something inspired by a Lexington Cigarettes box...nice, but I don't think its classification should be a "Sans-Serif" - more like "Display"

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