Stylistic alternates for f-ligs in OT

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i haven't been able to figure this one out:
i have a font i'm working with that has three versions of the letter 'f' ('f', 'f.salt' and 'f.salt2'). there are f-ligs that correspond to two of these glyphs (f_i and f_i.salt).
i want 'f i' and 'f.salt i' to be replaced by f_i and 'f.salt2 i' to be substituted by 'f_i.salt' but i'm not getting something right. i'm thinking that maybe it's my ordering of features??? anyhow what happens is that all combinations are resulting in 'f_i' and i can't get 'f_i.salt' to work in InD, not even when i use the glyph pallet - 'f_i.salt'automatically reverts to 'f_i'. if anyone can help me remedy this problem, i'd appreciate it. thnx for looking.

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I believe that the 'salt' feature is currently not supported by InDesign; maybe that's the root of your problem. The 'salt' feature is only supported by Photoshop CS and Illustrator CS. [Link to PDF on Adobe's website: see page 13]


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