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Can anyone help ID the beveled typeface used on these open signs? I have found many options but not this exact one. How about the base font used without the bevel?


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There aren't many off-the-shelf beveled typefaces. You might take a look at Refrigerator, as an alternative for the base.

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Not an exact match, but Powerstation has a beveled version.

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These could have been done by an old sign shop, either using a digital font that is specific to some machinery of theirs or even some pre-digital system.

Prismatic is another term for this effect, especially in the sign industry. Sign DNA have a few prismatic fonts that might be a close match, but they don't show a full character set for any of them.
Letterhead Fonts' Quadrex is fairly close if you use the alternate A. They have a tutorial on creating a prismatic effect. You could apply that to something like one of the heavy weights of Agency Gothic.

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Thanks guys! Some good options here.

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There's also the Fontry's Race Pak.

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This is Valuco by Aesthetic Apparatus, They made a Kickstarter campaign to fund it!

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There is also FF Primary, which uses overlaying of beveled shadows to create the 3D effect. Hard to see on the web site, but the printed sample in their catalog gives the idea.

Hoefler & Frere-Jones also has Knox, a beveled serif font.

- Mike Yanega

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