Font weights appearing out of order in CS4 programs

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I purchased Heroic Condensed the other day, and installed it with Suitcase Fusion 3. For some reason, when I go to use the font in InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop, the weights are listed like this:

Black Oblique
Bold Oblique
Heavy Oblique
Regular Oblique
Book Oblique
Light Oblique
Medium Oblique
Thin Oblique

And that's just confusing. How can I get them to display from Thin to Black Oblique? Or at the very least, keep the weights next to their obliques, or list the weights alphabetically.


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Have you tried to contact the foundry or the designer where you purchased the font? This might be a font naming problem.

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No, I haven't, I thought the problem must be on my end.

On a similar note, I bought a family of three fonts (The Strangelove Next family from Veer) and they show up as three separate entries, rather than one family with three weights. Any idea if I can fix that or again, do I have to contact the foundry/distributor?

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It looks like the Heroic foundry has not included numeric values for fonts weights in the font specs, with the result that the application sorts them alphabetically, roman first, then italic.

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The funny thing is that it's not even alphabetical... it's got

Regular Oblique

and then later

Thin Oblique

not to mention the obliques being all over the place.

I've e-mailed MyFonts, but I suppose I'll have to contact TypeTrust / Silas Dilworth directly and try to get an updated file. Is this a common problem with buying fonts outside of the usual Adobe packages? I've only purchased about 7-8 families, and I've had issues like this with a couple now.

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Both MyFonts and Silas have responded to me, so you can consider me a very pleased customer. Now to Veer to check on the Strangelove font issue!

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