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I like the sub. It's cute, in a good way. The irony really comes through!

None of them feel like you "nailed" it, but I think it's only minor tweaks that will make the difference.

The space between the 'u' and the 'r' — especially in the top options — feels too wide, and the 'o' and the 'u' feel too close relative to the other kerning. The 'i' feels like it's floating alone...

I can definitely say I prefer the centered "creative studio" rather than the almost-right-aligned version.

The relationship between the size of the text and the sub feels a little awkward in all versions.

If you draw imaginary guides at the tip of the nose and the tip of the tail and align the text with those, how does that look? Maybe slightly closer kerning overall to give a "fatter" look to the text? I think the bolder text is more in-line with the character of the logo, but something about it doesn't "sit" right, know what I mean?

Just suggestions and thoughts, I think the sub has tonnes of charm, and it's a great symbol. Please share your counter-thoughts!

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Thanks for responding, Joma. I'm glad you like the mark itself - although I'm not exactly sure what you mean by 'irony' - but thanks! I worked with the kerning a bit, check out the attached version, I think the minor kerning tweaks are nice. I also nudged it over a little bit - what do you think?

I agree with the centered 'creative studio', although I was hoping to balance out the mark - but I don't think it was working anyway. You're also right about the space between the mark and the text being awkward - but I too am not sure how to resolve it. When I make the text align with the tip and the tail of the mark, it looks like they start to compete with each other. Look for yourself below.

You mentioned you would want the text to seem fatter - do you think you would like to see a heavier weight of the font itself - 900 instead of 700?

Thanks again for your help!

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I feel like the line weight of the bubbles on the right is inconsistent with the rest. I would also explore some other compositions. The name and field gives you a lot of room for a more unexpected composition. One to try: Scale down the mark about 30%, facing right at a slightly more upward angle, and place it just above and to the left of the c in curiouser - as if it is starting to swim over the word.

Kerning: the se is too tight. ri is problematic. io too loose.

I like your icon but it is overpowering things now because of the scale relationships.

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