Personal wordmark and portfolio critique

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Just wanted to get some feedback on my personal workmark (header graphic on website). The wordmark is modified from an existing typeface.

Also looking for overall feedback on the portfolio work itself. Strongest / weakest projects? etc.



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I think the interaction of the 2 words is working well enough, but the A is showing too much weight compared to the rest. The circular swash on the left side of the A is particularly out of proportion for weight.

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Here is an updated version with the line weight adjusted :)

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i like the size/weight/balance on the first one better. everything seems kinda tight in this version. i would suggest something along these lines. bring in the loop on "A" and thin it out a little on both swoops and add a tiny weight on the "e".

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Christmas trees are denominational.

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I wonder if you tried allowing the loops to overlap? Would that be too busy? Having them all touching creates some tension. But perhaps that is working. I can't decide.

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One problem I see with the touching is that it makes me start to wonder if there is an ampersand intended between the names.

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They aren't Christmas trees. They are just trees with snow on them.

Hmm I didn't have them overlap cause I thought it might be a little busy but I've been looking at this too much. I think I do like the original one more cause there is more contrast with the big swoosh on the A. I know the weights of the letters were different and that was causing it to look off. Not sure if there is any set rules for needing to have all the weights of the letters match.

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