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The brand is fashion-inspired and the logo is grid-based. Please be detailed, technical, and constructive. Thanks!

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Not very detailed, but: looks nice. Any reason in particular for leaving the crossbar of the 'H' out?

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@Penn - Thanks. No practical reason for leaving out the crossbar. Just style and general minimalism. I did try it with the cross bar it but I thought it looked "cleaner" without it. I liked the "four vertical bars" thing, and with the crossbar that sort of disappears.

Did you read it as "THE", or did you know that from seeing my original post?

Further thoughts on that?

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I read "THE" immediately when I saw the mark . . . I don't think you'll have trouble with legibility. It reminds me of this:

Any other details you can give about the scope of the project? It might help in critiquing to know who the audience is, what the company does, etc.

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I read 'THE' right away. I like how bold it is.
Copyright being on the left (my left) seems wrong, even though there is more space for it there.

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@Penn - Great! I don't mind being compared to The Mill at all; maybe they were a subconscious influence on me. The site is going to be a science/tech "Blogazine" but will differentiate itself by being design-conscious, taking cues from industries like fashion or maybe high-end automotive.

@BeauW - I sort of agree actually. The left-side © was a conscious decision to balance out the left side of the logo a little. Since the T and E aren't even the logo needs to be aligned a little to the left to compensate, and the © helped, somewhat. Alternative suggestions ?

I appreciate the feedback guys!

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I would like to see it with three strokes.

I think, it needs serifs, but maybe less extreme than yours. And maybe it is better, to slightly enlarge the distance between the vertical strokes. The small distance could be problematic in smaller sizes of the logo.
Here only a skeleton. I don’t mean, that it is better than yours. I invested a few minutes only. But I think, it would be worth to try it with three strokes:

And with regard to the copyright sign, I agree, that it is actually misplaced.

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You could try giving the T a larger stem serif to balance it. Although this is supposed to have a geometric look, I think making that stem serif a little thicker would not ruin the look. You might try shortening the arm on that T as well.

Although the copyright symbol doesn't necessarily look "correct", in this case I think it adds to the look of the design to use that sort of placement. As if, perhaps to say "I do not abide by the rules, I am fashionable, I am cool."

Maybe I should make a minimalist geometric didone font...

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I had hard time understanding what it said. T and E are obvious enough, but given the treatment of T the middle part is pretty ambiguous. My guess was that this said "TILE". It being "THE" did not occur to me until I read first reply.

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I have not been able to find anything that dictates a "correct" placement for the © in a logo. Any references?

@Arno - Maybe I misunderstood, but what were your suggestions aiming to fix?

@Brian - It's funny that you mention the T serif, because I had a working version for a long time where that serif was about 30-40% longer; maybe I should revert. It's fun to think I might have been a part of inspiring your future minimalist geometric didone! ;)

@apankrat - It is ambiguous. I was surprised that others immediately read it correctly, because to me it sits on the fence between legibility and abstraction. I absolutely see where you got the "TILE" from. :) While legibility isn't a huge factor (this mark will usually be accompanied by the full name) I was just happy to see that it wasn't nearly as abstract as I thought. Thanks for the feedback!

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@ Joma

Maybe I misunderstood, but what were your suggestions aiming to fix?

The serifs are a bit plumb in my opinion. Except from that I would like to see the logo with three vertical stems only, which does not mean, that the logo would be better with three stems. I only would like to see it. With the H-bar and the rest of the right side of the horizontal stem of the T.

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