Glyph names for the "case" feature

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Hi crowd,

I've been designing a few caps features for one of my text typefaces. Think of the Van Krimpen hyphen, and of course height-adjusted parens, middots, endash and emdash (with hopes of making cap-specific tabular numerals too — one day!). Question is, how do I go about naming them? hyphen.alt is too vague and might clash at some point. hyphen.caps? I was looking for examples, but after ten minutes in the Adobe specification site, I threw in the towel. Is there a convention?

Edited title to reflect proper nomenclature; post left intact to keep the thread sensible.

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Hi Rob,

there is no feature calles »caps«, I suppose you mean »case«? There is not really a convention, but it is convenient to use the feature tag as glyph name suffix, e.g.

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Ah, my bad, you're right. I have it called “case” in the feature file, but forgot to use my brain while typing this post. sounds reasonable and not vulnerable to confusion, so I'm going with that.

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