What do you call the tip of a capital Q?

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What do you call the part that sticks out of a capital Q? Is there a name for it? What would you refer to it as if you were designing something and needed to write about that part of the q?

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Thanks I was going to call it the tail or leg and wasn't sure if either was correct.

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If you want to be really fancy, you can say cauda – but that’s just Latin for tail.

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If it is a particularly tailish tail, I would go with caudissima .


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While the original poster's second post might have inspired someone to cite an anecdote concerning Abraham Lincoln, I think it's entirely reasonable to wonder if there wasn't some specific technical name for the stroke which distinguishes a Q from an O. Appendage, terminus, cauda, tail... or some other word, unique to the rarefied reaches of typography.

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