New feature! Marking content on Typophile [BETA]

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I'd like to announce a new AND VERY BETA feature on Typophile we're calling "marks."

We've heard a lot of requests for this one. This new feature will allow you to mark content that you're interested in following in real-time. Think of it as a Typophile-specific bookmarking system.

Typophile Marks are for signed-in users only. Once you're signed in, you'll see a few small changes to the Typophile UI. First, at the top-right of forum topics and blog posts, you'll see a little bookmark icon. Click the icon to mark that thread.

Under "My account" you'll see a new item called "My marks" - This does exactly what you'd expect - It returns a list of the content that you've marked. You can also access it directly at

To remove a mark, look for the "Reset my vote" link at the bottom of the topic's initial post. (Disregard any mention of "votes" you may come across - we're chasing them down and replacing them with "marks" but there are dozens of files to crawl through.)

Again, this is very BETA but would love to get feedback on how it's helping you keep track of those threads that you're following but have not yet participated in.



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Thanks, this sounds like a really useful feature, especially for threads one hasn't got anything to say about, but finds the subject interesting.

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Great! Does the bookmarks list show new activity on those threads?

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A few quick thoughts / questions:

  1. I'm presuming the "My marks" list will show whenever there has been new activity on each thread, à la the Track page?
  2. Instead of having a "reset your vote" link or something similar, it would be more elegant if you could just click the icon again to un-mark it.
  3. I might personally use a different term than "marks" – something more like "watch" or "follow", maybe? "Marking" reminds me more of something static which is intended for future reference (i.e. bookmarks) – a slightly different concept from what you've described in your own words as something that you're "following" or "keeping track of".
  4. As with the Track page, this feature would be exponentially more awesome with its own RSS feed. Get me that and I'll be a happy camper! :)
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@Bendy: The bookmarks list does not yet show activity, though that would be ideal.

@Nick: Agreed, the goal is to have the icon act as a toggle on/off, and I'm hoping to allow "unmarking" from your marks list.

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Great! no more endless list of bookmarks

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my little bookmark icon™ looks exactly the same as the vote up/down icons. just a bit confusing IMO.

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Great! and thanks for make the text size bigger

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paul, are you still seeing arrows? might want to refresh your browser. You should be seeing a hollow/red bookmark.

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Still, there needs to be an added line for emphasis other than <strong> inside blockquotes in the stylesheet. Something like blockquote em { font-style: normal; }. Or, you could remove the italicization and lessen the padding a bit on the left, and give it a background which repeats vertically that makes the blockquotes look like this:

> this
> is a
> quote

Marks are definitely an extremely good feature! Keep 'em!

Also I agree that both the tracker and "My Marks" pages would greatly benefit from their own RSS feeds.

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Oooh, also! On the tracker page, where the text says:

All recent posts | My recent posts

It would be great to have a link for "My marked posts". :)

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Nice work!
One remark: The headline on the page with my marked threads contains something that is just no apostrophe...
No, please don't hit me.
: )

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@Jared I've got the bookmark icon now :^{)

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How about having 'mark as spam' buttons — if enough people click it could disappear? Seems like it would be faster than e-mailing an admin.

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Or, it could notify an admin. But maybe if it was clicked on by more than 10 typophiles then it would be automatically removed.

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Can someone post an image of how the 'mark' button looks? I tried in Safari and Firefox and I still can not see the buttons.

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It’s very modestly sitting in the upper right angle of the thread.


If you ever would like to unmark it, be careful to approach it from the bottom and not from the side or top:

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Hi Jared,

I emptied the cache and I still can not see the icons. I post a screen of how I actually see the page.
Any idea?

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Ramiro — That’s funny. I’m looking at your screenshot and I see the icon right there in the upper right corner of the initial post.

I’ve taken a screenshot of your screenshot and circled the icon in blue.

Ramiro Espinoza's picture

Fine! It is the setting in my screen. It is quite contrasted and this grey is almost invisible. Thanks!

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