Unknown Slab Serif

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Does anyone know which typeface was used on this at from the Times website?

To watch it in full, visit: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/05/books/review/100-notable-books-2010.html
Should be there around middle right.

FYI, it doesn't seem to be Calvert, Lubalin, Memphis, …

Thanks in advance!

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FYI, it DOES look like Karnak Black, O Mighty Sage...


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I believe the Times uses Stymie.

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Thank you for all the tips. It looks darn close to Stymie, but Stymie doesn't have the single storylc "a" which Karnak does have. So Karnak it is, but there are many visual similarities between the two faces. The hooked lc "t", seriffed lc "y", …

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They have a custom typeface based on Stymie.

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