a serif to go with Vitesse Sans

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Looking for a serif face that would go well with Vitesse Sans.
Mostly to be used as a secondary typeface for an identity system.
The identity will most likely be in Vitesse Sans.
The serif, should preferably be something that works well for both print and web.
But only print faces are also welcome.
I'm thinking something in contrast to the rectangular aspect of Vitesse.
Any suggestions?

Thank you

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Vitesse IS a serif.

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Vitesse has a Sans and a serif. I'm using Vitesse Sans for a project.
I need a serif that is NOT Vitesse.

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How about Times New Roman.

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Or Neuton. Neuton is a lovely text face for screen and print. The italic is about to be released, too, I hear.

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Can’t find any typeface with the name Vitesse Sans on the HFJ website. Is it Forza your talking about? Or another typeface called Vitesse?

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Looking around, it seems that "Vitesse Sans" exists only on illegal filesharing.
Maybe it's an early version of Forza, "leaked" before H&FJ published it.

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Vitesse sans and serif where custom designed by HFJ for Wire magazine, but they end up floating around on the web. You will recognize them cause they have the wire magazine logo included on the glyphs.

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