try figuring this one out :)

Elenapoo's picture

Any ideas? Im looking for the main logo and the small print.

ie. Arizona
ie. Green tea...

greentea.jpg20.38 KB
arizona.jpg24.61 KB
Jan's picture

For the Green Tea font I’ll give you a hint.
It’s installed on about every computer on this planet.

Elenapoo's picture

Wooow, touche. My ability to recognize is limited. How about the answer? :)

Jan's picture

Didn’t check your system fonts? Lazy!


Nick Cooke's picture

My ability to recognize is limited.

Anybody could recognize Papyrus

Elenapoo's picture

Well Nick Cooke, apparently not. Looks like you are wrong.

But, yes it's a lazy thing. I have a lot of work to do.

What about the other one? any ideas friendly people??

Justin_Ch's picture

Arizona is possibly April or Cedar Key. Whatever it is it has been squashed down a lot, and the A has been pulled around and a stroke might have been added.

Té Rowan's picture

@Nick Cooke: Recognising a typeface is not the same as knowing its name.

Mike F's picture

Manually stretched and heavied up Arab Brushstroke?

Nick Cooke's picture

I meant if it's a system font anybody would be able to recognize it.

Té Rowan's picture

Only on a Mac, m8. Only on a Mac. Windows got Comic Sans instead.

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