Installing PS Type 1 Fonts (LWFN) on my Mac?????

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I can't get LWFN fonts to work on my Mac (10.3). I can drop them into the fonts folder in the library (no, not the system folder) but they don't show up in FontBook or Illustrator when I open the document. I can't drag them into FontBook either.

Please help.

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Forgive my (our?) ignorance -- what are LWFN fonts?

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May help yourself by reading excellent pdf on Apple website. (via Adobe one)?

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Nathan, you also need the suitcase file (the ones with "FFIL" on the icon). These contain the bitmap fonts, metrics (spacing, kerning, etc.) and other important information. OSX doesn't have much use for the bitmap info, but the font is incomplete without the rest. The LWFN file contains only the PostScript outline and hinting data (mainly).

In pre-OSX lingo: The FFIL file is the screen font file and the LWFN is the printer font file. You need both parts to install a PostScript font on a Mac, even on OSX.

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Nathan has a questions about LWFN fonts on OS X ...

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