Fonts for Wine Label

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Hi guys,

I need a font for a wine label.
Currently I have Warnock on my mind, any other suggestions?


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Claire, I suggest you ask your client some questions before you start designing the wine label. Here are some that came to my mind after a couple of glasses of wine:

  • Is this an expensive wine being marketed to connoisseurs, or an inexpensive wine aimed at impulse buyers?
  • Will the wine be sold mainly in the region where it's made, or is it meant for export?
  • Is the region where the wine is made part of the branding strategy? (Think of the kangaroo on the label of Yellow Tail wines from Australia.)
  • Is there something unique about the wine that you want to communicate to buyers? (For example, "Our grapes are organically grown" or "Our winery has been in the same family since 1810").
  • These questions will tell you who the audience is that you're trying to reach, and what message your client wants to send to them. Once you know those things, picking a font will be much easier.

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    Dear Victor,

    Below you'll wind some background info.

    _One of the worlds oldest wines still produced.

    _Currently it's is mainly sold in the country of it's origin, with very little export to EU countries. The aim is to redesign it, so it's appealing to international markets.

    _It's targeted towards the average buyer, client wants it to look expensive.

    *unfortunately I can't tell you everything.

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