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Bruichladdich is a small sophsicated distillery that produces single islay malt whisky in Scotland. I have always enjoyed the typography treatments on almost all of the packaging design they have in my local liqour store. I wonder who designed the fun image & text on those packaging designs. If anyone know, please let me know!

Images are attached below.

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Maybe it's just me, but in the top image, at first glance I thought that was
shower gel. Or maybe aftershave. :-\ Doesn't «feel» like whisky at all…
(Does Bold Blocky Clean Helvetica Style really work for everything?)

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You are correct, not always. I understand where you are coming from. The word "bold" is definitely accurate description of this whisky.

The reason why I felt that the clean, blocky and bold Helvetica works because the hierarchy of information became interactive when you turn the packaging around.

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On the other hand Nina, this kind of 1970s retro design may be appropriate for an aged scotch; but at first glance I would assume PC6 is only six years old.

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