logo design for new label Nasty Smell

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Hey all,

Been working away on this for a new label Im starting mainly specialing in limited edition screenprinted goods of the creepy, quirky, cartoon variety.

I liked using only one colour as these will eventually be printed onto calico tote bags that the t-shirts come in. Due to the texture of the bags it should give for some nice natural variations in treatmeant.

All feed back is welcome.



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nice to join the community

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IMO the drips are not necessary, the shape and text are strong enough :) I would also drop the period and space words a bit further apart.

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I like it, and I think the drips are necessary. Maybe if you make the swashes inside the turd a little darker or a different colour it would get a little bit more dimension. You should also make sure it's legible at smaller sizes.

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thanks for your feedback.

do you think this works better?

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yes the drips were put there originally to give it a more "nasty" gross feel

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The words don’t seem to follow very well the shape of the container.
But I too think the drips are overkill.

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is this shape feel better?

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I'm with riccard0, though I'd keep the shape of kaka and tweak the text placement:

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hmmm not sure about this one

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Maybe add some lines to indicate a smell wafting off the shape.
The lettering doesn't look nasty enough.

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Why did you move away from all uppercase? You've made more problems for yourself typesetting...

I also wonder if there's an inline font that has the same feeling, might look good.

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taking comments on board i have made more amendments

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another variation....


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Those stink lines kind of read like fire in that color.

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I say use the very first design, but change the colouring like you did in the top-right version. Remove the stink lines. Because you don't have to deal with the thick outline of the turd you can make the lettering larger. good luck!

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Interesting evolution. I wanted to say that the initial shape you'd enclosed it in was reminding me more of an ice cream icon or shaving cream than what I realized later was supposed to be a pile of crap. I think.

The type is getting more legible. I would question the perspective of the letters and the shape they're creating. It appears to be falling over. Odor lines are a good idea, but the same device also indicates a sweet smelling pie. Go look at Peanuts. How many ways did Charles Schultz make pigpen look dirty with simple lines?

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and these?

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the bottom one is getting close. I think you can make the lettering even larger. Don't be afraid to let it go outside the turd a little bit.

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In your last version here, I find the first one (type + trailing odors) to be quite iconic. The linework of the odors is still off in some way; a little too squat for one, and second, it would look better with one or two well done lines than a jumble of 3 or more that aren't done well.

I would try refining getting rid of the middle and right lines, and refine your work on the first one on the left--make larger, smooth the curves, and then play with its location above the letters.

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Random observations:

White = yummy soft-serve
Red = yummy soft-serve with cherry candy topping form DQ
Brown = pile of shit (which is what you are aiming for, I think)

Smell 'waves' = good.

Paint dripping = confusing. How do you paint shit?

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Brown or olive green are good colors.

In the last graphic posting, the first logo of the two is fabulous.

Dripping paint effect does not help here. It's too "busy" and doesn't communicate quite the right thing, or at least not clearly enough. After all, gooey is not the same as stinky.



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I completely agree with Thomas. And I would stay with those three odor lines, perhaps only a little refined; as they are now they add a sense of nastiness to the smell..

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The smell lines might look nastier if they were more angular.

The text is now leaning from left to right. It might work better if the top row of text (Nasty) which gets smaller from N to Y was offset by Smell getting bigger from S to L. That would result in the text leaning less.

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