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A small bug seems to exist in the 'timezone' feature of 'My Account'. Although I've set my account to British time, no comment anywhere shows the correct time for me. I'm writing this at 13:15 on Sunday 21 November but the timestamp shown here is 5.15am.

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I’ve set my account to Italy’s time zone, but still see 5.15am.

Also, about comment timestamps, loosely related, it would be nice to have a simple way to refer to single comments on a thread especially if the timezone feature will work eventually* (what if I refer to the comment posted on 5.15am, but others see it with a different time?).

* That is, if it will work in the way I think it should: giving each user a way to see threads timestamped according their timezone. Timestamping comments with the timezone of the poster would be crazy.

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Yeah, the timestamp is set to the time here in San Francisco where Typophile "lives" - but I agree, having those timestamps shift to meet each user is how it's supposed to work, so there's clearly a bug. I'll look into it.

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Sounds like it would be straightforward, but I know sometimes these things are not as simple as they seem. Thanks Jared.

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