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>> Client << A company, which specializes in preparation of students for the exams : TOELF, SATI, SATII, GMAT, GRE, Cambridge Certificate, etc.
>> Task << To create an logotype that is lively and oriented to students.

The correct pronunciation of the company name is "Exam", but it is written "Xam". Also, the client wants to use the logotype in various colors.

Please comment on the following.

P.S Tanya, sorry about the slight gradient I just couldn't resist. ;)

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I think the coloured circles will work better without the black border. And - Galin, excuse me, but I can hardly see the "X", it looks more like a an aeroplane or some strange flight device :-) Could you explore it abit more, so it become more legible...

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Thanks for your post, Ivan. The idea of the "x" is to represent a metaphor of an airplane, which is taking off. The other idea was to depict a cute figure in motion.

Here are more variations.

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#2 of course works, but I find it somewhat uninspiring. #3 is the only one we've seen where the dancing guy/airplane reads like an "x". Now try a variant where the "learning center" part is not in a script face, but a nice sans.

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Definitely #2 or #3. The others just read as 'logo + am'

Of those two, #2 is very clear, though #3 is more fun...it doesn't quite read 'xam' though. It's close. Maybe make the 'head' a different color?

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peeled banana. that's what i see.

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I think if it should look like an airplane than make it look like an airplane. If it should look like a man ( which is to me what it looks like) than it should look more like a man. I am slightly frustrated with this inkblot type of logo design. Frustrated because in the end you end up with something that looks like too many things. This causes the company to have an indecisive look. Indecision is bad. Confidence is good. I definatly feel that #3 is the most succesfull. But is still not there. What age group is the xam center targeting?

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to loren :
>> peeled banana. that's what i see.
<< Some imagination, huh.

to David :
>> What age group is the xam center targeting?
<< 16-28

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Aside: You know, I'm amazed at how many corporate ID projects you have going on at the same time. How it is so?

Most Designers have maybe 4 a year..if that.

your workload is insane.

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To Tanya : The assinments come from various of sources. I have some very powerful friends here in Bulgaria, who are in the same kind of business (people from Ogilvy & Mather, McCann Erickson, TBWA, Kres, etc.). They introduce me to potential clients and I have to work out the rest. ;) (the clients they give me are usually ones with money in their bank accounts, but I don't use my connections very often, because like everything goes : A favor for a favor.

Note : The typical client is any incentive businessman, who needs to look professional.
Unfortunately the profit is insufficient, because of the unwillingness of people to pay tantamount to the work that was done.
How would you react to a cost of 70$ for Corp.Id (and 50$ for a logotype)?

Of course, now and then, more generous clients come, but I believe you got the picture.

Salute to all

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Yes, I can confirm that every single word Galin wrote is true...we work for SUCH money. And Tanya: it's a normal workload for country, where words like "brand" or "mark" were some sort of gibberish 15 years ago. I can fully understand what Galin goes thru each & every day, because I'm a native Bulgarian too and I live & work in here, not in USA, as Galin presumed.

Galin: drop the khaki version. As for the envelope, do they plan to use it to send mail or this is SASE? And - heh, Kres doesn't mean anything for foreigners :-)

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Thanks for the post, Ivan.
>> Do they plan to use it to send mail or this is SASE?
<< I haven't asked if it is going to be SASE or not. ;) But I guess a "self-addressed, stamped envelope" wouldn't harm anyone.

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Galin - I like the look of it, but I'm a sucker for dancing figures. I'm not sure why the airplane is relevant - is it just to show aspiration and rising to meet challenges or is there some reason to hold onto the airplane symbol. If not then maybe concentrate on the dancing figure and X within the mark. Adding that third requirement of the glyph increases its workload dramatically. If it is important however - then I think the configuration of #3. It feels very young - but I think the playfulness could still work. I like the idea someone had of simplifying learning center - it needs to form a good base for the figure to dance upon.

As far as # of corporate IDs a year it depends on the firm. I work in a small department that gets a great deal of its work from small to medium business (under 1.5mil) and some work from larger. As a result I get a great deal of Identities (at least 10-15 a year) sometimes they aren't of a very high level, but its good experience.

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