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Hey all,

Long time fan, first time poster. My name is Gus Wezerek. I'm a visual journalism student at Northwestern University. For one of my classes I'm writing an paper about contemporary gravestone typography. I've seen the thread here with the man who was soliciting help with a relative's tombstone design, but the paper is a bit too broad for his case.

Would anyone be willing to chat on the phone or email/point me in promising directions? I'm just looking for ideas about what makes (or you think would make) a good face for stone, special cases of gravestone typography or really anything you guys know or would be willing to speak about on the topic.

The paper is due Monday, so hopefully I can speak with some of you within the next few days. I've included my contact information here and of course we can use this thread, too.



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You may find it tricky to get others doing your course work in that tight a time schedule, but, at least I am willing to help with one remark: if it is gravestones it is not typography. It’s epigraphy, or lettering.

However, have you considered a walk across the local graveyard next to you?

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Haha! I have. I've actually surveyed and mapped the graveyard down the block. Most of the tombstones were from the late 1800s, though. I'm going to go to a more recent one today where I can find contemporary tombstones. Thanks for the lingo tip, though : )

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where I can find contemporary tombstones.

follow a hearse.

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