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Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and I am excited to have input with this bunch of great creative minds. Here are some of my logos that I have come up. Some of these are old. Let me know what you think. Thanks again.

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it's difficult to give constructive feedback without having any background information.

First of all, it would be helpful to tell us what each logo is for.


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Joe's Garage is a automotive repair shop that works on all types of cars but specializes in classic auto restoration.

Pulse Micro was a web application design firm.

MCAT is a internal department of a large corporation for computer security.

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I forgot to tell you the garage logo I was shooting for an updated 50's look.

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Chris I think that you should concetrate on the font choice. On each logo you posted it seems as though you used typefaces haphazardly.
On the garage logo it seems like you used "ITC Anna Std" by Daniel Pelavin, which in fact was designed for his wedding invitation and also was used on the birth announcement of his first child, Anna. It has no usage on garage stuff.
The proper usage for this font would be any special occasion. (The font is Daniel's view of art deco).
The second logo seems to be completely frivolous. No connection between your elements. I am not going to comment on the color choice. Could you think of better colors that contribute to the words "design"(since it is a web application design) and "pulse".
Q : Is green your favorite color?
The third logo seems to be based on the font Haettenschweiler, which is frequently used by inexperienced designers. You should use this font very carefully. I felt confused by your 3rd logo. The reasons for the this was firstly for the tagline and secondly for the curverd arrow(which symbolizes what?).

I hope this will be helpful.
In general, I suggest you do some conceptualization before doing anything on the screen and avoid the pitfalls of erroneous font choice.

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Let me begin by saying that I am not an expert myself and I'm learning myself as we speak. The only way of becoming better is by knowing - and avoiding - our mistakes in the future.

Galin had some good points with regards to the font choice. Despite that, I do think that the first logo gives you that retro look that you wanted to create.

The second logo certainly doesn't invoke the idea of a web application company. I would have guessed something in the medical field. It probably doesn't help that you have picked those colours either. I don't know where you live, but in my country all surgeons have this green-ish colour for their outfits ;-)

Compared to the font, your pulse line looks too edgy. It doesn't harmonise very well with the round edges. It also needs more vertical and horizontal space to the wordmark - especially if printed smaller. (But that's only assuming that you have to have a pulse line there at all in the first place!) Galin mentioned it; take a piece of paper and conceptualise some ideas before touching your computer.

The third logo - afraid to say this - is my least favourite. It is way too cluttered and needs a lot of simplification. That square behind the CAT must go. why the empasis on "CAT" and not on the M (for Malicious) as well? Why the arrow? It doesn't seem to contribute anything to the idea. Are you trying to send a secret visual message that I'm too ignorant to understand? :-)

I understand your choice of "Impact" - you wanted to make a bold and dominant statement which probably fits to a security company quite well. So, well done on the thinking!

It just needs a little more refinement and work (see above...)

Well done on your designs - keep 'em coming!

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Thanks, for the responses Samann and Galin. Yes, I will in the future be more careful with font selection. Like I said some of these are old specifically pulse and mcat. The car graphic is one thing that I did on paper first. However the other font selections I had for it originally, the customer did not like. I'm guessing he likes art deco? In any-case I appreciate your input.

The mcat design was based on how code can get manipulated and inserted into applications that it was not designed for causing compromise of a system. I'm sure though I could have come up with something better to convey that.

Just out of curiosity, do you use any stock fonts or do you create them all yourself, or just modify existing fonts enough that they are not recognizable and fit your design?

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Joes Garage. Humm. Where to start critique. Well the type style + the words "Joe's" automatically makes me think of a Diner, and the car looks more like fish bones than a car. Automotive repair is to hard to read on a fast take. Make it a simple sans, this also brings hierchy to the information you are trying to convey.

Pulse Micro. Why is it green?, Not exactly the first colors that come to mind for web/coding. Spacing between letters needs work- think of spacing as volume not distance. Rounded forms with a jagged "pulse line" a harsh mix.
mcat- no comment. pulse

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