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After posting in the Type ID section, I got a reply from pattyfab in which she referenced an "Expertype typositor book". This lead me to wonder, how can I get a hold of a book like this? Are they rare, if not which ones are the best? I have an old book entitled "Printing design and Layout" by Vincent Steer. It has a few examples of typefaces but I imagine pattyfab's book is much more extensive.

Any input is appreciated.

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She's probably referencing the Typositor section of a type book from a commercial typographer.

The Typositor machine was a product of Visual Graphics Corporation. One could hand-set type in an infinite range of sizes on paper from two-inch filmstrip masters. They had a type library of maybe a couple thousand fonts.

There are bound to be quite a few Typositor catalogs still around although it might be hard to persuade the owner to part with it. They can't be considered rare in a monetary sense, just hard to come by.

It is not the only type catalog either. There are those produced by commercial shops as well as those produced by type manufacturers and type resellers. You just have to seek them out.

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