'Errea Comunicación' newspaper headlines?

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Helo, I need help to ID headline typefaces used in these newspapers. All of the six newspapers are designed by 'Errea Comunicación'.

(1) "Expresso"

(2) "Semanario Economico"

(3) "La Tercera"

(4) "El Mundo"

(5) "El Economista"

(6) "Diari de Balears"

Thanks in advance!

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You might find something on Gerard Unger’s site.

E.g., (6) resembles Coranto:

also check

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The number 2 uses Velino, a new release by DSType.
The number 3 uses Acta and Acto, specially designed by DSType for La Tercera, and will be available early next year.

Dino dos Santos

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Thank you all for you replies.
The headlines in (1) is indeed "Expresso"by Mário Feliciano.

Only (4) remains unidentified.
Any ideas?

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