When i try to generate a font with Fontlab 4.6, menu windows "font format" doesn't work (MacOsX)

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When I try to generate a new opentype font, the menu window "font format" doesn't work: it shows me, instead of "PC TTF", "Opentype", "Fontlab file", sometime a list of "-Bold, -Regular, -Italic", sometime a wrong list, some other time the right list, but I can't choose any option.
The problem is that not only the name are wrong, but I can't choose the file format to generate a font (and so I can't generate a font!!!!!).
I tried to erase the preferences and to reinstall the program, but nothing changed. I created a new user and everything works, but, after a short period, the problem starts again.
I changed computer, everything worked, but after two weeks the problem started again.
I can't create a new user or change computer every 2 weeks.
What happens? What I have to change to recover my fontlab? There is any preference outside the prefences files in the "preferences" folder ("FontLab 4 Toolbars" and "com.fontlab.fontlab4.plist")?
Do someone know what to do?

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I've once seen the same problem on a Mac. It IS possible to export the font, but you have to select something like "-Bold" instead of OTF. The menu is simply shifted, but all the formats are available.

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Our engineers report that this indeed is a bug that will be fixed in the next release of FontLab. The bug appears when too many fonts are installed. The workaround for v4.6 is to turn off some fonts.


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Hi Luciano, the only work-around I've found is to close down your font management software before you generate, and then turn it back on when you're done.


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Hmm maybe I should've read through Adam's reply more carefully before replying:-)


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Hey! This just happened to me! I'm freaking out here. I thought maybe it was something to do with the latest OS X update. I re-installed twice and uttered many obscenities. Okay...my heart palpitations are easing a bit.

So this is FontLab's way of telling me I have too damn many fonts, eh? I only have 353 families. Ugh. Just a few more to go...

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