Classy/elegant Didone serif

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Hi Guys, found this on Friends of Type (

Amazing typeface, with the nicest numeral for '5' I've ever seen.

Please ID this for me! :)



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P.S. It's not a slab serif; it's a Didone...

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Thanks for the heads-up nick!

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After viewing the piece in situ, considering the fact that it's categorized under "Digitized" and looking at the artist's other work, I'd venture to say "not a font," but probably based on some hand-lettering guru's work. It reminds me a lot of Alphonso E. Tripp's work, but maybe not. If you check the friendsoftype feedback, you're not the only person who's dying to know...

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It's not really a similar face, but Carousel lives in the same universe. The 5 much rounder but the caps have a similar feel.

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