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I've started working for this company recently and would like your help in analysing the current company logo, it's colours, the impression it gives, its design and what could be done to improve it, to make it stronger.

The company test and measure fixed and mobile broadband network performance for broadband providers and regulators from across the world so they know how their customers experience across their network and where there is a need to invest in order to improve the performance of their mobile or fixed network and thus allowing to leverage customer satisfaction.

Epitiro is a latin name meaning "to watch over".

I look forward to read your comments.

Thanks to all.

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Rather than fixing up this, they should hire a designer (or are you the designer?). The concept and execution is weak.

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Hi Frank, thanks for your comment. I'm not the designer.

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The logo is poorly drawn, where shapes 'break' other shapes make sure they follow the same line smoothly without sharp edges.
Maybe consider a stronger use of a highlight colour? Looks a bit weak.
Typography wyse I have no issues with the typeface but maybe try a different weight for the bullets underneath? Consider this in full upper case? Maybe lighter?
Work on kerning of letters especially in Epitiro as it stands out awkwardly.

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thanks Twiggy, very useful comments. What about the strapline, isn't it too long or is it acceptable?

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Valerie: What Twiggy said. The Nike-ish swashes are very cliché. Are they supposed to picture a satellite in orbit? Also, Optima does not really say “tech” in any way. It would be better to start from scratch, IMO.

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I agree with that, am trying to convince them to change it.

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I am a technical person and happen to be very familiar with the area your company operates in. I think the visual aspect of the branding is off - the colors, the mark and the typeface. Especially, the typeface. It is overly delicate for a technical company. It would be a better fit for an arts supply company or some such. A simpler straight-forward sans serif would IMO work here better. Look at what Agilent, Keynote or Webmetrics use. Or Akamai.

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Never mind

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The mark looks like it could be for Nytol, something to do with the moon, being wrapped up in a nice warm duvet cuddling a pillow. Not very tech, secure but more maternal than robust. The font too does not convey tech and whilst the strapline is not long, for me it looks odd aligned to the descender of the p.
But as nothing of the mark reflects the meaning of Epitiro and the mark and the font selection do not communicate a technological company, the least of the concerns is the spacing of a strapline.

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Someone's sure to cock a snook at me for this, since I'm not a designer, let alone a schooled designer, but here's a logo idea...

Take a sky blue background and add three horizontal lines converging to parallel (like the Atari logo), with the top line being the tail of a lower-case 'e'. Let the lines end at the right in an arrow formation as if they were contrails of a Red Arrows fly-by.

Set 'pitiro' all-upper in an extended Microgramma/Eurostile/Square 721 following the 'e'. Set your strapline in a fat small-caps sans (I'm thinking a mixed heavy/black extended Helvetica (Neue)/Swiss 721) with triangular bullets pointing rightwards.

Looks quite punchy and more tech-savvy in my mind than the current 'child healthcare' logo.

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